312. "The Tourist" by Radiohead

Let's end the entire gigantic OK Computer album with a single xylophone chime. Perfect.

But first, before we go, let's just remind everyone that every single song to the last on this album is unmissable.

The directness in the lyrics is something I kind of miss now with later Radiohead songs. Thom Yorke has gone more abstract in a lot of cases. OK Computer brings up compact, concrete situations: A car crash, a politician, a star-crossed couple, a robot feeling fitter and happier, a guy who doesn't like surprises, and in their last track, a tourist.

What is the one thing you can tell a tourist, one of those super zealous tourists with postcards falling out of their pockets? "Hey, man, slow down!"

The song approximates the speed of rapture we should take in this one, long sightseeing trip.

And then, chime.