349. "Wildflowers" by Tom Petty

"Wildflowers" is maybe the best example of what Tom Petty seemed to stand for: You don't need to know all the chords on that guitar, just the best ones.

How can a song that was never released as a single be so revered? It's amazing how many people know, and not just like but adore this song. It touches something deeply idyllic in everyone. When it plays in the house, my boys always want it again. There will be days that one of the boys will come up out of nowhere and ask for "Wildflowers."

Pure-as-earth-and-sun major key strumming, warm piano coloring, the brisk shuffle pace, Tom Petty's hall-of-fame whispy voice, words of peace and comfort, and then the melancholy shades of those instrumental refrains. For all time.