Epilogue: An Introduction

One year ago today, I posted my first of what would become 365 entries describing songs that I liked.

The way I got started was due to one of those challenges that get tossed around on Facebook, asking people to post some kind of content for some length of time. I've posted seven days of nature photos. I've posted seven days of black and white photos.

But on January 1, 2017, my cousin's husband, of all freaking people, decided he would link me on some bonkers New Years challenge called the 365-Day Music Challenge. Simple: Post about a song I liked... every day... for an entire year...

I laughed at this knucklehead even daring me to undertake the folly of such massive project, for free, on my own time. Did he even realize the ridiculous commitment that completing such a challenge would take? Even if you did nothing but post the names of 365 songs, you would first have to arrive at 365 songs you want to post about and then make sure to do that for an entire circuit of the Earth's orbit around the sun.

That already would get old for most people in a few weeks, tops.

And for some reason, I decided that if I was going to do this thing, I would write a little about each song too.

It was really funny. I really laughed.

For a day or so, I kept thinking about this challenge, and I kept laughing. Screw that guy, no way.

And then I kept on thinking about it. The possibilities seemed inherently to be flowing out of the idea as it fizzed in my mind. The only thing that froze my blood was the gargantuan scale of the thing.

And then I realized not even that really scared me. I could fully visualize and accept the workload facing me.

So I decided, what the hell, I'll do it.

I just now thought to look around to see if anyone has ever finished this challenge, in any form, on any platform. I could not find a single one. That can't be. Someone please show me that I'm not the only one. But I also see that most versions of this challenge feature a fixed list that suggests types of songs to post each day. That would've been helpful. Luckily, before I received this challenge, I had a playlist of my absolute most admired songs, and it was just a smidge over 365 songs long. Truly. I basically cut out a few less-amazing Pearl Jam songs.

And I guess I'm the only asshole who decided to accompany every song with an essay, some of which ran hundreds or thousands of words in length.

It wasn't always clockwork. Life intervened. Sometimes I missed three or four or eleven days, then worked double-shifts or more to get caught up.

In the last year, I have:

  • Been laid off from my financial industry job

  • Spent two months searching, applying, and interviewing for a new job, then playing with my unsuspecting children each night

  • Entered an amazing career trajectory as an editor for a major healthcare network

  • Lost 35 pounds after overhauling my diet and taking up a regular exercise regimen for the first time in my life

  • Got fully caught up on Game of Thrones in four weeks

  • Went on awesome camping trips with my family and made an unprecedented five trips back to my hometown

  • Fixed broken drains and mowed lawns

  • Held crying children over and over

  • Skyped my grandparents every week

  • Thought to schedule far more date nights with my wife because it's time

  • Watched and read everything about the Minnesota Vikings

And yet, for the most part, I stayed on-task with this completely arbitrary challenge.

Because I wanted to. 

I wanted to show you all that I could not only pull off such an insane challenge, but to do it while offering a series of structured, interrelated entries replete with interlinking narratives and thematic call-backs -- and do it with word choices layered with metaphor, allusion, and connotation. I wrote from the back of my skull, deep in the poetic recesses of abstract association, letting the phrasing roll as fluidly as it came at my clickety-clicking keyboard. Daily. For a year. 

Because I freaking can.

And because apparently I had a lot to share.

From the very beginning, these songs attracted me as funnels for me to pour my feelings and observations into. Because that's what songs that mean something to you are anyway. I just appropriated the phenomenon for my own edification.

Someday, if I'm crushed by a bus, I'm happy knowing that maybe my boys will read some of these things and maybe come away knowing one or two things about their dad, and maybe getting one or two decent lessons from him too.

The rest of you can enjoy too, if you care. Otherwise, at least you got a hell of a show.

Some of you have been so amazingly enthusiastic and supportive and really were my motivation to get something done on some tough days. I really hope I lived up to whatever you felt you were getting out of these.

Today, I added the last batch of these write-ups to this website.

If you actually enjoy them, I suggest reading them in the alphabetical title sequence they were written. The best way to do that is to go to the website Index and start clicking the list under "365 Songs." Otherwise, if you'd rather just skip around, knock yourself out.

Here they'll stay. Maybe I'll figure out something more for them eventually, or they'll end up as raw material for something even greater.

For now, I'll just close by saying a true thank you to the jackass who got me into this mess, Mr. Chadwick Edwards

I like being asked to do things. I'm not just gonna go out and write 365 goddamned creative essays without an invitation. Sometimes it takes cool, engaging guys like Chad to get the rest of us to open up once in a while. Thanks, dude. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. But don't think I didn't notice that you utterly failed at your own challenge! I see you, asshole!

All right, folks. Be excellent to one another. Be bold as love. And keep jammin'!

Sincerely yours,

January 3, 2018