O Dark Knight

Maybe we can throw off fear
and wars no longer work because
commanders can't convince us
to run with weapons at each other
Maybe enough people will memorize
the the ending of The Dark Knight: the Joker
telling two bombrigged ships of hostages
it's the only way to save themselves
to detonate each other, but they refuse
They obliterate the villain's certainty
Many kids who might enlist someday
know that scene. Good.
Maybe that's why Heath Ledger died,
killed himself to get the film a good turnout
He probably faked his death
Now he's searching for the right time to return
from his windy island in the south Atlantic
He'll wait a year or two more
then make a heavy reemergence at a red carpet event,
foundation melting down his face in the bulb flashes
And the nascent churches to him are dumbstruck
Then some off-kilter avenger kills him for not being dead