Barack Obama

John Lennon sung it right – "don't let me down."

I'm not completely consumed with reverence for Mr. Obama.

He is definitely smart and disciplined and pragmatic and cool.
But that's exactly why his failure would be scarringly perverse

as watching a grandmother in a pink leisure suit
have a seizure and start flopping all over a cafeteria floor and then dying and defecating.

It would be a spiritual violation I would get ticks reconciling into 3 dimensions.

Barack Obama seems like he can't be put at a loss for words,
and that is more valuable a talent for a leader than critics think.
For instance, no great parent can lack it.

The best part is, I think he's ready to go down in our opinions in the short run to actually give us something that benefits us in the marathon. That's the wisdom I hope is really there.
It seems like it's impossible that he'll be proven a fool.
But the potential has to be realized.

I have an encouraging theory that he only decided he would become president after his mom died in such a brutal way and he realized that he wanted to get this country nonprofit healthcare.

Some kind of epiphany hit this guy, and I don't think difficulties make too much of an impression on him. They seem to echo off his concentration.

Our history is a contested jump shot.

January 2009