No Free Lunch, No Free Legends

Napoleon Bonaparte did not simply appear in history,
pull a cannon out of his coat like a Looney Tune,
and start shooting up Europe with an instant army. It got paid for,
along with everything else that makes a dent in our legacy.

Napoleon was not escorted back to Paris on a cloud for the 100 Days.
On a planet Earth that is economics (the true universal language), that trick didn't just occur,
but was fueled forward with the fire of cash burning in some chamber of history's iron belly
and should therefore SAY something, should be COMMUNICATION to us.

Waterloo was a battle preceded by handshakes
striking a price; it was a booked banquet.
The paying for it was an utterance of economic language. It was telling. It was "SHARING."
We in the classrooms should accept graciously this charity.