Roger Ebert

I'd like to stick around, Roger Ebert
I'm sorry, I can't
It's too eerie how you've changed

Since you've beaten your multiple facial bouts
of cancer –
which you have just so banally described to me

as a series of bullets
from the tip of an Arthur (yawn) Penn prop
– you just have lost something
And in such a sheepish, desperate way you spoke
I know; I'm terrible

However I have to give this proposed conversation
on this wispy cold Chicago street corner thumbs down
Sorry, Roger, thumbs down

While I wish you the best of health,
when you were laying around in your gown
on your recovery bed,
you saw nothing, didn't even brush up
on the resurgent Magnum P.I.
Man—how can you not've seen Children of Men!?
I love you, you feisty, articulate brain,
but you're already in the ice at my feet